The PCRI does not specialize in helping with insurance issues and financial help.  But we clearly understand the need, and have these resources to share with you.  We have found these to be valid resources, and helpful over the years.  It still can take some work and research to find the right one for you.  

The Advocacy Connector
Search online for resources by state, disease type, and by type of resource.  Hundreds of organizations listed.

The Patient Advocate Foundation
Get help with insurance questions and issues, Healthcare reform questions, financial support for the needy, and much more.  Chat online, look through resources, or ask for a Case Worker to assist in your situation.


If you have Medicare, this website gives you access to actual Counselors who can walk you through any issue related to Medicare - from billing, to choosing a plan, to understanding your benefits.  You can chat online, find a physical location to visit, or call them directly.

Patient Access Network Foundation

Apply for help paying for drugs if you have insurance, but not enough insurance.  You must fit ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA.  You will need to search the site as programs change regularly, and assistance is only available when there are funds.  
This is subject to change, but currently there are programs for: