Prostate Cancer 101 Series 


What's the Deal With the PSA Test?

Knowing your PSA is crucial, despite what you may have heard. Learn the facts so that unnecessary biopsies and over treatment can be avoided, and so you can stay on top of your health. 


So Your PSA Is High, What Now?

For the majority of men, prostate cancer is very slow growing. You have time to take control if your PSA is high, so don't rush into random needle biopsies. Learn more about your prostate and what you should do following a high PSA score. 


The Gleason Score Demystified

The Gleason score is a grade for your prostate cancer, determining how aggressive or nonaggressive it is. Learn more and understand what this score really means. 


For the Loved Ones of Prostate Cancer Patients

This video is meant to help the caregivers and loved ones of prostate cancer patients. The entire process can be overwhelming, but this video is intended to help guide you. Take a deep breath, watch this video, and rest easier with accurate information. 


All About Imaging

Random needle biopsy should be a thing of the past. The 3T MP-MRI is far more accurate and less invasive. Learn about your imaging options and why you should avoid random biopsies. 


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