Edited from Insights February 2014, Vol.17 , Is.1

By Peter Scholz | PCRI Web Content Manager

PCRI specializes in empowering the patient and the advocate through education. Nowadays there is access to almost an infinite amount of prostate cancer information on the internet. But, one cannot become educated by simply learning as many facts as possible; one becomes educated by learning how all the facts relate to one another. To the learned patient or advocate, new information is an empowering tool that builds upon a framework of existing knowledge. But without this pre-existing foundation, information can be intimidating and unmanageable.

Here at PCRI it is part of our mission statement that becoming educated about prostate cancer leads to empowerment and better medical care for the patient. Over the years PCRI has been amassing great amounts of relevant, cutting edge information and making it accessible to the people who need it through our annual conferences, helpline, website, and Insights newsletter.

But our focus is not just to provide the most accurate and up to date information about the changing world of prostate cancer; there is an even more important goal that needs to be achieved. We help you the patient (or advocate), build a mental landscape of the prostate cancer world, a useful framework that enables you to sort and filter through all the facts you find and put them within the context of your own specific needs. We don’t just tell you what you need to know, we also help you identify what you don’t need to know.

At the end of 2013, we launched our new website. Apart from the updates to the look and feel, we have made it easier to search for the information related to your topic of interest. For example, we have restructured the site to make more content quickly available on the home-page so you get to the important information faster. We have also added better video integration allowing us to present video content that we already have. The biggest improvement is that it is now managed completely in house so that maintenance and updates are more rapid and our information stays on the cutting edge of prostate cancer care.

The new website, in tandem with the possibility now to expand into visual education, is a platform that amplifies what we do best to a larger scale, broadening our reach, and making a more comprehensive knowledge base available. We believe this will expand the reach of PCRI’s message and enable more patients and advocates to educate themselves, become empowered, and get better outcomes.