The Moyad Challenge II

Leave Your Comfort Zone & Bear Hug Life!


The Moyad Challenge II

Leave Your Comfort Zone & Bear Hug Life!

Moyad Challenge II (the sequel):

Lets get ready to rumble!! Oops, I mean cook?!

Okay, to say that the first Moyad Challenge in 2016 was a success is an understatement!  It is kind of like saying the Chicago Cubs had a pretty good year last year or Tom Brady is a pretty good quarterback!  The Moyad Challenge round 1 was amazing and incredible!  In fact, here is what some of the critics had to say about the Moyad Challenge 1 from last year:

It was the feel good challenge of the year.
— Los Angeles Gazette
Moyad should be teaching Tony Robbins about motivation and inspiration.
— Windsor Reporter
Moyad is a juggernaut!  He is not only incredibly motivating and muscular, but incredibly good looking.
— Runners Monthly
I love Moyad! He needs to get rid of some of that extraneous weight like that Scholz guy that is keeping him from reaching his full potential, and then the world will truly be his oyster!
— Anonymous Letter sent to PCRI World Headquarters

Okay, I may have embellished the above quotations just a little! Regardless, when hundreds of people around the world signed up for the Moyad challenge last year and completed it…well then what the heck do you do for an encore?  Another exercise challenge?  Nah, too soon!  Horseback riding or snow ski competition?  Nope, too expensive and a lot of cleanup involved in the former, and too cold for the latter.  Surfing contest?  So California dude!  What will others around the world that do not own a surfboard do?  Then it hit me like a big prostate (I realize that is not a saying as of yet, but give it time).  Since most weight loss and much of the way people improve their health is via the kitchen or aka “diet”, why not do something with diet?  OH YEAH!!! A MAJOR LIGHTBULB MOMENT MY FRIENDS!  Look, I have to admit that cooking is not my forte!  It is kind of like saying that reading Oscar winners is not the forte of Warren Beatty or Faye Dunaway.  My diet knowledge - I will put that up against any doctor (is that saying much?), but my cooking skills are borderline catastrophic!  This has got to change now!

So here's the dish, it started on March 25, 2017, at the PCRI Spring conference!  The challenge ends when the PCRI fall conference begins on September 8th.  I am challenging everyone to attend a cooking class and come up with a healthy to semi-healthy recipe of their own and then to make that dish/drink… and then tell everyone in 1 paragraph the actual recipe and why it is so healthy for you.

For example, I might videotape myself attending a cooking class with my wife and making a quick Caprese salad with basil, pepper, and Hillstone Olive Oil from Yolo, California (one of my favorite in the world for its raw kick and inherent flavor).  Then I would comment on the healthy monounsaturated fat in the olive oil, and lycopene and fiber in the tomatoes. This way I am learning, and others are learning and winning when they make my recipe and it tastes great!  Another option is that I could use curcumin, flaxseed, chia seed, macadamia nut oil, beetroot juice, cayenne pepper, artichokes, or whitefish…and these could be considered power recipes or healthy recipes when they include some of these ingredients. 

The best part of this challenge is the fact that it is a win-win for everyone! PCRI will post the submitted recipes on their website so everyone can HAVE access to them. Together, we are building a heart healthy, prostate healthy cookbook! 

There is no limit to the diverse recipe options of videos and/or recipes we will receive in the following categories:

-Meat Substitute Category

-Michigan Wolverine Food Category

-Pizza Category

-Pasta Category

-Pasta Substitute Category

-Plant Protein Category

-Protein Powder Category

-Salsa/Condiment Category

-Seafood Category

-Smoothie Category

-Soup Category

-Spicy Food category

-Vegan category

-Vegetarian Category

-Yogurt Category

-Miscellaneous Free For All Category!

-Alcoholic Drink (low calorie of course) or Non-Alcoholic Drink Category

-Barbecue Category

-Bean Dish

-Bread Category

-Breakfast Category

- Chili Catagory

-Cookies Category

-Cooking Class attendance

-Dessert Category

-Dinner Category

-Exercise Enhancement Category

-Gluten Free Category

-Juicing Category

-Lunch Category

-Meat Category




1. Attend a cooking class that you have never attended before (no matter the duration) - maybe with a spouse/partner, family member, or friend or find a heart healthy/prostate healthy recipe(s). 
2. Create a recipe(s) and make it. 

3. Post the nutritional profile of the recipe (why it is healthy) and what you gained from the class.

4. Take a picture or video of the final product (or proof that you attended a cooking class) and submit it to PCRI. 
5. Tell us why you should win the Moyad challenge in its category. 
6. Send me a note when you have completed the challenge to tell me why you love me so much (okay number 6 is optional).

So, lets get ready to rumble!  Ladies and Gentleman, start your ovens and blenders!  Step out of your comfort zone and into a cooking class.  Don’t be afraid.  Always remember that if Moyad is going to cook something then anyone can accomplish this task!  Put your game faces on! LETS DO THIS!!!


Head Chef Mark A. Moyad, MD, MPH

PS: (please just address me as “Chef” in the future and/or “Your Culinary Highness” and/or simply the “Tenured Professor of Gastronomy” and/or “The Man”)  


Examples of cooking classes I have or will attend…for example at Sur La Table's website and other locations…

Here are just some of the incredible cooking classes I found on the web which are offered throughout the U.S. and other parts of the world. There are also private cooking classes:

-Fresh Pasta Workshop

-Latin Cuisine

-Mia Moyad Favorites

-Mexican Favorites

-Middle Eastern Favorites

-Olive Oil Tasting/Cooking Class

-Soups from Around the World

-Southern U.S. Favorites

-Persian Cooking

-Pizza Class

-Sauces Every Cook Should Know

-Spanish Tapas 101

-Thai Restaurant Favorites

-Sweet Treats

BLAH BLAH BLAH…whether it is online, at the hospital, restaurant class with friends, private chef cooking class…IT ALL COUNTS!!!

-Amazing Mediterranean Cooking

-American Regional Cuisine

-Asian Cuisine

-Asian Noodles Class

-Best Burgers Class

-Clean Cooking and Eating

-Cooking with Spices

-Creative Cookies

-Date Night Ireland

-Date Night Little Italy

-Exploring Italy

-Fabulous French Crepes

-Flavorful Vegetarian/Vegan Cooking

-Flavors from India

-Forks over Knives Plant Based Cooking Classes


Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.
— Hippocrates



(MMM=Mark & Mia Moyad)



-2 cups of unsweetened almond milk (60 calories)

-1 whole frozen ripe banana (100 calories per medium sized banana)

-2 pitted dates (50 calories)

-1 small container of greek yogurt (for example, Chobani 5.3 ounces = 80 calories total per container)

-2 scoops of green superfood chocolate flavored powder (for example “Amazing Grass” company product=50 total calories)



Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend till smooth and creamy (it's approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute for Moyad family strong/powerful blender=Vitamix Rules!!!).  And, do all of this blending stuff together as a couple similar to the clay shaping/pottery scene with the music “unchained melody” playing in the background like in the movie “Ghost” with Patrick Swazyze and Demi Moore! (Note less dirty version= and more R-rated version=  


Serves two and each person gets just 170 CALORIES in a 10-20 ounce drink. IT TASTES AMAZING!!! And it BLOCKS SUGAR CRAVINGS when dieting and can be used as a dessert substitute!!  WOW!! And WOW spelled backwards! It also dramatically increases your love life, libido, and overall make out/necking in the car time late at night in the driveway when the kids are asleep (okay Dr. Moyad made up/fabricated that last part to get your attention).


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