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Hello Researcher, welcome to our fall issue of Prostate Digest. We recently held the 2018 Prostate Cancer Conference, and this issue has a summary of the event and information about how to get the event DVD. This issue contains four important articles covering new treatments and scans. The first highlights a recently FDA-approved oral medication called Earleada, which provided highly-effective therapy for men with hormone resistance. Our second articles reviews brachytherapy (seed implants) which are possibly the best form of treatment for newly-diagnosed patients. The third article reports on exciting new scanning technologies that are helping doctors and patients find recurrent prostate cancer at a much earlier stage than was previously possible. Lastly, whenever a biopsy report shows unexpected results, it is wise to recheck to ensure that there were no identification mix-ups at the lab. A new test can confirm through DNA testing that biopsy specimens are unequivocally and accurately matched to each patient. The PCRI is here to provide useful and practical information that helps you obtain the best possible treatment. From all of us at PCRI, Happy Holidays!