Dear PCRI Supporter,

Like you, prostate cancer has majorly impacted my life. As a medical oncologist, a clinical pharmacologist, and a prostate cancer survivor, I know the critical importance of education, support, and empowerment when facing the trial of prostate cancer. Prostate Cancer Research Institute has provided these for over 20 years, ensuring you and your loved ones gain a clear understanding of your situation so you are able to make the wisest treatment options. 

Each year, nearly 28,000 men die from prostate cancer in the United States (that’s 76 men a day). Globally, a million men are diagnosed each year. They need guidance, accurate information, and a trusted source to rely on. They need the PCRI. 

To continue their mission, PCRI needs you. Your donation keeps the PCRI Helpline operating so their facilitators can assist patients and caregivers like you, free of charge. Your donation ensures that support groups receive vital educational resources to continue the work in their communities across the United States and other countries. Your donation positively impacts the lives of the 1,000,000 people who reach out to the PCRI each year. When you donate to PCRI and become an active advocate, you ensure that men, their loved ones, and the medical community receive the aid, encouragement, education, and empowerment they critically need to keep fighting. 

Donate with me today and help PCRI continue their lifesaving mission. 



Charles “Snuffy” Myers, MD


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