Peter J. Scholz // PCRI Creative Director

Hello Researcher,

This has been a great year for the prostate cancer world, with all kinds of progress being made in the diagnostic and therapeutic realm. With this issue of Prostate Insights, we are excited to announce our 2017 Prostate Cancer Conference with one of our best lineups of world-renowned doctors. These doctors and researchers will address a variety of important prostate cancer issues and a very common but often neglected problem called prostatitis. Prostatitis often happens concurrently with prostate cancer and affects the diagnosis and monitoring of the disease. Visit our website to learn more At the 2016 Prostate Cancer Conference, Mark Emberton, MD, from University College London Hospitals, spoke about focal therapy. In this issue, he and Juan Gomez Rivas, MD, from La Paz University in Spain, presents an in-depth examination of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU). They analyze its advantages, disadvantages, and the specific methodologies for how it is used. For those who are interested in pursuing HIFU as a treatment, they give practical information about the process and what to expect in terms of the short and long term side effects. For treatment of High-Risk prostate cancer, surgery and radiation are mainstays of treatment, often in combination with other therapies, depending on the severity of each patient’s case. In this issue Amar Kishan, MD, from UCLA, compares the side effects and survival outcomes between the two options. Charles “Snuffy” Myers, MD, an unrivaled clinical researcher, prostate cancer survivor, and medical oncologist from the American Institute for Diseases of the Prostate, describes how your support for the PCRI can make a direct, positive impact in the lives of patients and caregivers by supporting our educational programs. The 2017 Moyad + Scholz, Mid-Year Update was an outstanding success. PCRI educational writer Alexandra “Xan” Oakley summarizes the presentations and the event overall, along with information about how to obtain a copy of the DVD. Our hope is that Prostate Insights will help you to learn more and continue your research. I encourage you to visit our website which contains of further important information. We at the PCRI want to help you take your prostate cancer knowledge to the next level. Visit us at!