By Joseph Aviel and Dean Foster, MD

Circulation is a vital part of strengthening your immune system's ability to fight off disease. This is especially true in the case of cancer. Providing a good amount of oxygen to your cells keeps them healthy and increases their resistance to disease. Oxygen also aids in the repair of previously damaged cells. Dr. Dean Foster and strength trainer Joseph Aviel are going to show you an exercise that will keep your heart and lungs at the top of their game, circulating as much oxygen as possible to your body.


Interval training can be done on a range of equipment. Our machine of choice is the bike. An indoor bike doesn't go anywhere but if you like to ride, a real bike will work just as well. We will be using a phone to time our selves, but you can use a watch or just count in your head. Now lets get some blood pumping! Start with a 30 second warm up. Pedal at a slow and steady pace, being sure not to tire yourself (yet) but you also don't want to be going so slow that you fall asleep. Your 30 seconds are up, PEDAL, PEDAL, PEDAL really fast (but also with moderation) and continue at this pace for another 30 seconds. Now that you're tired, continue at your warm up pace for another 30 seconds. Starting to catch the pattern? Theoretically, you'll continue this way as long as your wan. We recommend 8-10 minutes for your first time as this is equivalent to a much longer session of cardio exercise. 

You're feeling better already, aren't you?

Food for Thought

By Jeanne Foster


If you want to get lots of vegetables and rest the digestion, juicing is a great and delicious choice. Alter the ingredients to your taste.

The Italian Job Juice Recipe

Carrots, tomato, basil, garlic, and cayenne pepper. This power juice is full of lycopene, vitamins, calcium, and kicks up your metabolism. You choose the level of raw garlic and amount of cayenne. Best to start small and increase as your gain tolerance to the spice and garlic. The sweetness of the carrots balances the acid of the tomato and creates a delicious and refreshing drink. Simply send these through the juicer and enjoy. Use the pulp in your compost or Google for recipes to include for meals and baking ideas. Great additions are red bell peppers, beets, jicama, and any other vegetables you love. I personally like red drinks and green drinks for the color appeal rather than mixing and getting a brown color. It is only eye appeal because taste is never compromised. You can also substitute sea salt and powered garlic. 

The green giant juice

Kale, cucumber, celery, ginger and lemon with a splash of mint. This mighty drink gives you a giant dose of nutrients while helping sooth the digestion with the benefits of ginger root. It's your choice as to how warm you like the ginger and how mighty you ration the kale. This juice energizes, hydrates, and aids digestion. The juicer offers a fiber free rest for your digestive track while saturating you with more nutrients that you possibly can chew. I sometimes just juice the leftover salad from the night before. What an easy way to get the nutrition in. 

Chia seed smoothie

Soaked chia seeds combined with nuts and fruit offer a satisfying and delicious way to bring a naturally satisfying solution to hunger and sweet tooth. Soak the chia seeds overnight and add your favorite fruits or berries. Add your personal favorites and what is in season to give the soaked chia seed an endless ability to keep you satisfied and word off the desire for sugar-based desserts. Protein powder can be added if you are meal substituting or need the added protein. Cinnamon is sprinkled on top for warmth and flavor. 




Originally published in PCRI Insights, August 2013, VOL.16, NO.3