The Prostate Cancer Staging Guide is a game-changing educational resource for the prostate cancer community. This handbook, which is also available online, gives an overview of prostate cancer, every avail-able treatment, and side effects. It succinctly explains which treatments apply to each stage. This overview and context will provide you with a strong prostate cancer knowledge and help you communicate effectively with your medical professionals.

The most pivotal aspect of the Guide is the Staging Quiz, which can be found online at You answer the quiz with information easily found in your medical records and are subsequently assigned a stage based on staging systems used by the medical community. Armed with valuable information and treatment options for your specific case, you can compare the effectiveness and the side effects of each treatment. This provides knowledge to help you understand your case and the way that your medical professional sees it so that you can have thorough discussions with your medical team. It also allows you to avoid reading unnecessary information, so you don't become inundated with information that does not apply to your stage. These factors mean you can make the best decisions for your treatment so that you can have the best outcome.