Words by Alexandra "Xan" Oakley // PCRI Educational Writer
Pictures by Peter J. Scholz // PCRI Creative Director

The 2017 Prostate Cancer Patient Conference was yet another incredible conference with presentations from some of the best medical professionals. The conference featured topics covering active surveillance, radiation therapy, sexual and urinary dysfunction, clinical trials for advanced prostate cancer, and prostatitis which are available on DVD. This was our first conference to cover the topic of prostatitis, a noncancerous condition common in men which causes inflammation of the prostate. With this new topic, the conference was opened up to all prostate issues, providing current, in-depth information applicable to all men. 

The conference also featured multiple educational meetings on subjects such as rectal protection for prostate cancer (SpaceOAR), Axumin PET scans, Xofigo, Provenge Immunotherapy, and prostate cancer risk for the newly diagnosed. Whether or not a man has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, this conference had something for everyone. As always, there were multiple social events and support groups available to pro-vide the opportunity for attendees to meet. One of the most valuable features of every conference is the emotional support. The conference creates a safe space for attendees to open up, discuss, encourage and be encouraged. At the close of the conference, attendees came away empowered and uplifted, with a newly gained confident understanding of prostate cancer. 

The Prostate Cancer Research Institute is grateful to all of the speakers and attendees of the 2017 Prostate Cancer Patient Conference. For those who were unable to make it, the conference is available on a DVD set for a donation of $150. Call us at 800-641-PCRI (7274) or click here