The PCRI is disappointed that CVS Health is removing a number of important drugs from its pharmacies. The company released their formulary changes on August 2, claiming they are try-ing to help clients contain their costs while supporting their members with affordable prescription drug benefits; However, the removal of these crucial drugs is anything but helpful to people whose lives depend on them. Xtandi is one of the many drugs which will no longer be supplied  in 2017.  

Xtandi is a highly effective hormone therapy for men with advanced prostate cancer. By elimi-nating the availability of this and other important drugs, CVS Health is taking away one of the best options men have when facing life-threatening, advanced prostate cancer. Since CVS Health is a pharmacy benefit manager for over 80 million Americans, the effect of their decision will be a major blow  to the prostate cancer community. 

CVS Health’s decision to eliminate access to a vital drug like Xtandi means forcefully removing an important treatment option for men and their clinicians. The PCRI urges CVS Health to reconsider their decision, and keep in mind that removing life-saving, necessary treatment options is in no way the “effective formulary management” they speak of.