By Peter Scholz // PCRI Creative Director

Greetings Researcher! Welcome to another issue of Prostate Insights, providing the latest information in the prostate cancer world. This has been an amazing year of developments.

In this issue, Fabio Almeida, MD, writes about new PET/CT agents that have been approved by the FDA for use in men with recurrent prostate cancer. His article discusses all the pros and cons of each agent, and gives full and up-to-date picture of the state of prostate cancer imaging. Dr. Almeida is a pioneer in the field of imaging for prostate cancer.

Dr. Fabio Almeida recently won the Grand Prix of Scottsdale with a team of prostate cancer survivors! Dr. Almeida is helping to bring critically needed awareness about prostate cancer to a large audience. Xan Oakley, our educational writer, shares her experience assisting the racing team and how these cars made an impact.

DVD’s of our 2016 Patient Conference are available! This year’s conference featured MLB All-Star Ken Griffey Sr. His talk, along with major highlights from the event are recorded on a 4-DVD set and can be obtained with a $150.00 donation. Many of the experts who spoke at the conference covered developments that occurred only in the past 3-6 months. Game-changing information was presented and you don’t want to miss out!

Our 2017 Mid-Year Update is coming up this March, and we are proud to feature Carl Rossi, MD, talking about Proton Therapy, Mark Scholz, MD, discussing active surveillance, and Robert Dreicer, MD, a world-famous prostate oncologist, reviewing treatment for advanced prostate cancer. Additionally, in this issue, Dr. Rossi will give us an introduction to a new form of proton therapy that is only available in a few centers around the country. He will compare it to other forms of radiation therapy. Dr. Dreicer will explain the latest pharmaceuticals used for treating advanced disease.

We are approaching the end of the year, and Dr. Moyad has written a letter explaining why PCRI’s mission is so crucial to the world of prostate cancer and how a donation to PCRI can directly impact the lives of patients and caregivers that are facing this disease.

I hope you enjoy this new issue of Prostate Insights. I wish you all the best as we enter the holiday season.