Our Story:

In 1996, PCRI was founded by renowned doctors Stephen Strum, MD, and Mark Scholz, MD—both prostate cancer specialists—and Harry Pinchot—a patient—who recognized a need for trustworthy information about prostate cancer. They noticed that the patient community did not have access to information about new treatments, and they were predominantly receiving treatment that was out-of-date, and often times unnecessarily toxic. 

While Dr. Strum and Dr. Scholz pored over medical journals and condensed the research into understandable patient friendly language, Pinchot began PCRI’s Helpline and responded to calls from worried patients and caregivers. He empowered them to find and understand their options and  the information they needed to get the right treatment.

We believe that the best treatment happens when an educated patient works with their doctor to sort through the severity of the disease, the treatment options that are available, and all of the side effects. Dealing with a new diagnosis is complex because all of the parties involved have different interests. By becoming educated about the disease, the patient avoids making decisions that they regret, maximizing quality of life, and survival.

Today, PCRI has evolved to meet new problems that the modern patient faces, but has maintained the same formula that our founders had. We work with leading doctors who present the latest advancements in understandable language at our conferences, on our newsletter, and our website. 

We believe that patients need connection with others who understand the problems that they encounter to become empowered and educated. We foster this connection through our helpline and our conferences. The key to a synergistic relationship between the patient and the doctor is communication, education, empowerment, support and ultimately, hope.