Here's the info on the C11 Choline PET Scan (for RECURRENT prostate cancer) at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.  

1) Slide Presentation from 2012 Conference, Dr Eugene Kwon. Here you will find the Power Points from a lengthy presentation at our Los Angeles conference last September. If you read the text below the PPt's, you will find the phone # for Dianne Mann at Mayo, and some other information that is helpful.

2) Short Video from 2011 Conference, Dr Eugene Kwon

Questions to ask Mayo Clinic:

  • Do I need to make an appointment with a Mayo Clinic physician first?

  • Is there a wait for the C11 Choline PET? (as of April 2014, there is a 2 month wait)

  • What is the likelihood insurance will pay for my PET scan?  (have your insurance card handy)

Here is information on the C11 Acetate PET Scan with Dr Fabio Almeida at Arizona Molecular Imaging

1) Video of slide presentation from June 2014 Dr Fabio Almeida

2) AMI website & presentation from Sept 2013

Questions to ask Arizona Molecular Imaging:

  • What will the cost of the PET Scan be (currently no ins coverage)?