Daniel Margolis, MD, will give a presentation on using Multiparametric MRI instead of random needle biopsy to:

  • Screen men with high PSA levels who have never been diagnosed with prostate cancer
  • Monitor men with Gleason 6 or 7 prostate cancer on active surveillance
  • To more accurately stage men with newly-diagnosed prostate cancer
  • To locate occult cancer in men with high PSA with a previous negative random biopsy

Fabio Almeida, MD, will give a presentation on using PET scans to detect and locate cancer in:

  • Men with a rising PSA after surgery or radiation
  • Men on hormone blockade with rising PSA
  • Newly-diagnosed men with either high PSA or high Gleason score

Mark Scholz, MD, will give a presentation discussing:

  • When men with prostate cancer can take testosterone
  • When women can take testosterone
  • The risks and side effects of testosterone

Mark Moyad, MD, will give a presentation about:

  • The optimal cancer diet
  • Supplements and vitamins that really work
  • Supplements and vitamins that are useless or dangerous