Dear PCRI Subscriber,

We are pleased to announce that we have joined forces with a leading Pharmaceutical Manufacturer that has an FDA approved pharmaceutical product for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer. Our hope is to bring prostate cancer into the spotlight and ultimately improve the lives of men living with this disease. 

But we need your help! Our partner is conducting a short, 25-minute survey to better understand the experiences of men with advanced prostate cancer and to evaluate the effectiveness of a consumer campaign for their product. 

We will use the survey results to increase awareness of the symptoms of advancing disease, with the ultimate goal to provide insights on how best to communicate this message.

If you have been diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer we ask that you email our research partner Nielson at for a link to the survey. In your email, you can simply write “Please send me the link to the Advanced Prostate Cancer Survey.”

We understand your time is precious and therefore your participation in this survey will be compensated upon completion. However, there are a limited number survey responses needed - so be sure not to delay! 

Your experiences are invaluable and your opinions can make a difference!

For further information or if you have any questions, please contact