2017 Moyad + Scholz Mid-Year Update

March 25, 2017 |  Los Angeles Airport Marriott

An Update On Proton Therapy + Advanced Treatment + Active Surveillance


The Mid-Year Update features presentations from leading doctors, and Q+A sessions moderated by Mark Moyad, MD. Sexual side effects are always a consideration when discussing prostate cancer treatments and in addition, there has been a recent buzz concerning the use of testosterone for men with prostate cancer. We are bringing in Mohit Khera, MD, a leading expert from Baylor College of Medicine, to provide clarity to the controversy surrounding the use of testosterone & managing sexual side effects. Similarly, active surveillance as a treatment, is becoming more widespread and we are bringing in Laurence Klotz, MD, the father of active surveillance. Dr. Klotz, is a widely published uro-oncologist with over 300 publications and 4 books. His main research interest has been active surveillance in prostate cancer. Prostate cancer technology is advancing, in response, our Executive Director, Mark Scholz, MD will be presenting Five Important Prostate Cancer Breakthroughs in 2015.